Connecting Brands with Multicultural Audiences

Streamlyn Media

Who We Are

Streamlyn Media is a leading premium marketplace specializing in niche Asian multicultural inventory. With over 300 trusted partnerships with leading publishers across Asian countries, we offer efficient and effective solutions for brands and agencies looking to connect with diverse Asian American audiences in the United States and Canada.

With our unparalleled sell-side integrations and expansive premium publisher network, we offer top-tier targeting capabilities that ensure our clients’ messages reach the right audience at the right time. Our expertise in providing in-depth cultural insights further enhances our ability to tailor campaigns effectively, delivering unparalleled results in the digital advertising landscape. At Streamlyn, we are committed to continuously innovating and exceeding expectations, solidifying our position as the go-to partner for reaching and captivating diverse Asian audiences across North America.

We can target South Asian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, and Vietnamese living in the US.

We execute Managed campaigns to achieve desired objectives like branding, reach, brand uplift, visitors, and landing page actions.

Streamlyn is the only company working with premium publishers and is ADS.txt & Sellers.json complaint.

We provide value-added transcreation service to translate English creatives to Asian languages and Video companion ads.

What We do

For the past six years, we have diligently served as a media vendor, specializing in multicultural campaigns with a focus on the Asian market. Our collaborative efforts with renowned agencies such as OMD, PHD, OMG23, Admerasia, Apartnership, OpAd Media, GP Generate, and Intertrend have allowed us to thrive in this domain.

Throughout this period, we have had the privilege of working with esteemed brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, Disney Movies, Citi Bank, CDC, CDPH, Knorr, and many more. Our expertise in media services has enabled us to successfully deliver exceptional results for these notable clients.

Our Mission

At Streamlyn Media, our mission is to be the trusted partner for brands and agencies seeking to connect with diverse Asian audiences in the United States. We execute culturally informed marketing campaigns that respect the nuances of Asian ethnicities, traditions, and consumer behaviors. We foster inclusive communication that celebrates diversity and promotes positive engagement.

Our Services

Managed Campaigns

Reach diverse Asian American subsegments by leveraging our expertise to tailor your message to specific Asian American communities. Our managed campaigns ensure your brand's message resonates with cultural relevance on the most appropriate channels.

Programmatic Availability

Unlock the power of programmatic advertising with our diverse inventory. Partner with us to design custom programmatic solutions that precisely target the right Asian American consumers, maximizing your brand's reach and impact.

Our Capabilities

Our Media Channels

Interstitial Display Ads

High Impact Display Ads

Standard Display Ads

Pre-roll Video Ads

Connected TV/OTT Video Ads

Digital Innovations

Our Competitive Advantage


Comprehensive Ethnic Targeting

We are proud to offer comprehensive ethnic targeting capabilities, including South Asian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Filipino audiences. Our deep understanding of languages, cultural nuances, and the media landscape ensures your campaigns effectively resonate with your target audience.


Strategic Targeting Across Devices

Our team excels in crafting targeting strategies tailored to your campaign objectives. Whether you're looking for broad reach or niche targeting, we ensure scalability for effective outreach to diverse Asian American ethnicities.


Versatile Advertising Channels

From high-impact video campaigns to standard display ads, our versatile advertising channels cover all devices and platforms. Whether it's Pre-roll, Connected TV/OTT/FEP videos, Interstitials, High Impact banners, or DOOH campaigns, we've got you covered.


Programmatic Deals

As a prominent Asian American media provider, we possess unique expertise in establishing programmatic deals that extend to a broader audience encompassing various Asian ethnicities and multiple media channels.

Grow Your Business with Us

Ready to connect with your target Asian American audience? Contact us today to discuss how Streamlyn Media can help your brand succeed.